Your money avatar can help you create the life you’ve always wanted.


As a money mindset expert, I believe that money avatars are necessary to attract abundance.

Today, I’ll be talking about the money avatar, how it can help you reach your goals, and how you can create your own.

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What is money avatar?


Your money avatar is a personification of what you imagine money would be.

Some like creating an avatar based on a person they love, like a best friend or a motherly figure.

Others like to create animal representations with strong characters like an eagle so it could reach new heights.

It can also be a treasure box full of jewels and precious stones.

The point is, your money avatar should be something that you can imagine in your head. It needs to be something concrete so you can describe and build a relationship with it.

Now you might think creating an avatar sounds a bit woowoo. 

But in truth, any goal without a vision is incomplete. 

That’s why it’s vital for you to create a clear visual representation of your goals. And that includes creating a strong money personification. 

The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts will manifest into reality. This depends on what you continuously think about and what ideas you send out to the universe. 

So if you think good things about your money, then good things will come from it as well. 

Deciding on and creating your money avatar helps you think more positive thoughts about money. 

It also attracts more abundance. 


Money avatar - attracting abundance


And when you create an image of something you love, it’s easier for you to embrace it and look forward to conversing with it. 

And the real secret to abundance and manifestation is to believe that it defies logic. 

You don’t need to understand where the money is coming from. All you have to do is believe that it’s already available and is waiting for you to get it. 

Trust that the universe will give you what you want without demanding it.

If you believe that your money avatar will always be there when you need it, then it will be. 

Let it be and it will come.


Money avatar and its role in attracting money


So what’s the role of creating a money avatar? And is it really necessary to attract the kind of abundance you want?

Most people think the law of attraction is all about magic and voodoo. But in reality, the law of attraction is all about science. 

Mindvalley talks about the seven laws of attraction: unwavering desire, imagination, affirmation, focus, profound belief, gratitude, and manifestation. 

Whether you’re trying to manifest money, your dream house, or the perfect partner, you must first have an unwavering desire to make it happen. 

The next thing to do is to imagine it happening already. 

This is where money avatars come into action. Avatars help you visualize and feel the feeling so you could reinforce the desire you already have. 

With the law of attraction comes the law of resonance.

This law states that thoughts and things vibrate at a particular frequency. Like thoughts, money also has its own vibrations. And to access it, you would need to increase your vibrations to match that. 

So, this means to attract money, you must think of money. 

If you think you don’t have money, then you won’t ever have enough. 

The law of attraction is often used to gain abundance in money. But you can also use it to manifest other things like your dream job, a healthier body, and even your ideal partner. 


money avatar and dreams


Creating your money avatar can help you manifest your desires faster. Because you attach a certain emotion to it, like happiness and excitement, your avatar becomes a familiar face.

You become more open to possibilities and feel less resistant to the things you need to do to make your goal happen. 

This also changes your perception of money and helps you assign a good experience to it. 

When you do, your vibration rises and aligns faster with the things you want to manifest. 


Vibrations, alignment, and your avatar 


Your avatar acts like a magnet that helps you attract what you want. 

How does that happen? 

What you focus on will grow and prosper. This goes both ways. 

If you focus on the good things, then you will see the good in all things. But if you focus on the negative, then you shouldn’t expect any good to come out of it. 

Creating a money avatar also helps you create a space for new and good things. That’s why decluttering is important. 

Getting rid of the things that no longer serve you helps you make room for new ones. 


money avatar declutter


Living in the present and being sincerely grateful also helps you attract abundance. When you focus on the now, you savor in the moment. 

Gratitude on the other hand helps you focus your attention on what you have instead of complaining.

Having a money avatar helps you create a more positive relationship and perception about money and abundance in general. 

It serves as a reminder whenever you feel frustrated. 

When you constantly get reminded of how good the universe is, then it’s easier to remember there’s no need to worry. 

The universe and the divine source has your back. 


How to create your money avatar 


Now that you know how money avatars work, let me tell you how you can make yours today. 

It’s important to note that you must first make the decision to attract abundance your way. And to do this, you must have a concrete goal and a strong intention. 

You must first know what you want to manifest for it to work. And you have to be clear about what you want. 

[Read more here to learn about the power of manifestation]

Here are the steps to making your money avatar. 


Step 1: Verbalize what you feel and think about when you hear the word money. 


affirmation money avatar

Ask yourself what you think when you hear the word ‘money.’ Is it a positive or a negative thought? 

Next, think about your money goals and the reason why you want money. 

This helps you become more aware of how money makes you feel. Doing so also gives you an idea of what beliefs you need to change. 


Step 2: Give your avatar a name


Personify your avatar and give it a name. Think of one person that makes you feel good whenever you say it.

You can also think of your avatar as a cute puppy or an adorable cat. Just make sure to choose someone or something that makes you feel good. 

Choose the best option that you can create a good relationship with. 


Step 3: Give them a personality. How do they behave, what do they do, etc. 


Make your avatar more relatable and give them the traits you want in a person. 

For mine, I named her Michelle. I made her sexy, sassy, and an amazing woman. 

She loves Bollywood, and she’s funny as hell and incredibly intelligent. 

It uplifts me every time I think of her, and it makes me want to be like her too. 


Step 4: Make them your best friend. Start seeing them as someone who always has your back.


According to Psychology Today, every thought you have sends out energies and wavelengths that eventually create the things you are thinking about. 

So, if you talk to your money avatar in a loving and caring way, chances are it will do the same for you. 

Write down attracting money affirmations to help you know and understand how to attract money fast. 

These affirmations need to be short and easy to remember so you can use it as a reminder as you go about your day. 

You don’t want your outlook about money to be all about greed. Be friends with your avatar and you’ll see how much of a difference it will make. 

And like every healthy relationship, you don’t expect it to always be there. But you can expect them to have your back whenever you need them the most. 




Most people think making money is difficult and complicated. Truth is, it doesn’t have to be. 

All you have to do is have an unwavering desire to make it happen for you. 

Start with a clear and defined goal and think of a specific amount you want to attract. Then create a money avatar that can help you make the change in your belief system and mindset. 

Are you ready to change your money story? 

Learn more about how to attract money fast through my podcast, Money Mindset with Gull Khan. 

Listen to the whole episode of how to make money your best friend here.

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